Another Family Type Car Donation in North Royalton, OH: Chevrolet Astro

We have been getting a few of the 90s GM vehicles. All of which have the same 4.3L V6 EFI engine. This minivan donation is similar to the Odyssey we received earlier in the fact that it is very popular with families who transport their kids and friends to sports or school events. The Chevrolet Astro is a very popular van since it is an 8-Passenger vehicle.

The other advantage is that if you need to load up the van to move things, you can always unlatch the seats and load it up to haul stuff around. It makes for a perfect all around van, this one has some paint fade and chipping so you don’t need to worry too much where you park it or if kids ding it up a little bit.

Click HERE to view the eBay listing for this vehicle.

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