About donating old vehicles to spread prostate cancer awareness

Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (http://www.carsforprostatecancer.org) is a charity involved in spreading awareness about prostate cancer. Our mission is to spread awareness about the disease and in particular the need for early detection through regular screening. Prostate cancer hasn’t received as much publicity as it deserves given that annually about 200,000 men are diagnosed with it and close to 30,000 men die from it.

 donate motorcycleTo pursue our mission we accept vehicle donations from well-wishers and which we sell so as to secure funding. We accept all kinds of vehicles so you can donate motorcycle, donate motor home, and donate RV, and pretty much any kind of vehicle you have gathering dust in your garage. Whatever vehicle you donate, whether you donate motor home or donate RV, we will collect it from you and do all the paperwork required. When you donate motorcycle or a car we don’t sell it until some sprucing up work is done on it to make it fetch a better price. By making a donation to us you will definitely be putting your old vehicles to very good use.

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